CATpool service prices

Software, data, membership and automatic services are all free but we must be paid when we work for you,
of course. This price list covers individual services and support.

We provide excellent email and telephone support. To ensure this high quality, we offer support subscriptions. Users with support subscriptions get substantially lower rates and preferred attention with shorter response time.

Individual services, support and support contract:

With support
Support contract per member
includes 12 free support cases per year
includes telephone support when requested and applicable
12 cases
Email support (English or Deutsch)
Telephone support (English, Deutsch, Francais)
System administration support by email
for Windows, Linux or other third party software
Template design
Services on programmer's level
Lower prices for projects of more than 40 hours
by our founder and software architect with >25 years experience
in the software industry, minimum 30 min

These rules apply:

  • There are very comprehensive user manuals available that should be consulted first.
  • A support "case" covers one subject, problem or question with up to 20 minutes work per case
  • Standard support covers only our own software (CATpool and the EleFamily software products)
  • Telephone support uses Internet telephony (VoIP, Voice over IP)
  • Services are rendered between 8:00 and 17:00 Central European Time Monday through Friday except on national holidays in Slovakia or Serbia (often only one country is on holiday, then the other one takes over).
  • If a support case was caused primarily or solely by a software bug this support case will be free of charge, of course. Your account will receive a credit in this case.
  • We do not support the so called "value-added" telephone numbers as we regard them as being highly suspect because a major percentage is cashed-in by the telephone providers for very little in exchange.

We keep administration costs as low as possible

  • We recommend a user deposit of € 100 or more, from which consumed costs are deducted.
  • For payments of less than € 100 we charge administration costs of € 20 per invoice.
  • All services must be prepaid.

Presentations, consulting and discussions about CATpool

Our low-cost policy does not allow providing consulting services for free. This also applies to what is often called "sales presentation", which is pure consulting, i.e. explaining the system, the software and the intentions.

Just like your lawyer, tax advisor, dentist or your executive consultant charge for their services, so do we, too, although our rates are lower than those of the aforementioned. Therefore, when we are asked to "come around to talk about CATpool" or to give detailed explanations on the telephone we have to charge for our work.

Currently, such consulting work is provided by our founder who has long-term experience from running a trading company, and >25 years in the software industry developing several large software packages, among them a comprehensive ERP system for technical wholesalers and retailers. From this he has in-depths knowledge of the business relations between manufacturers, importers, distributors, dealers and the craft in many industries.

He is a very experienced senior executive consultant and we offer you two forms of consulting and presentation:

  • A well prepared and detailed telephone conference that is often combined with a product presentation over the Internet. This needs one hour of preparation, the actual conference time and subsequent conceptual work depending on your requirements. This service is billed on an hourly basis.
  • Presentation and consulting in your office, which requires traveling from Wien (Vienna). Traveling time is part of the costs. This is why this service is only available on a daily basis.

We shall be pleased to send an individual quote by email.